Our CPD Platform provides both a Learner portal; plus a Training Manager portal to allow training managers to manage team members, monitor CPD points, allocate or recommend courses.

The LMI College offers nationally recognised qualification courses specifically designed for the Insurance Broking sector.

The LMI College offers compliance courses that cover knowledge and skills to meet the ASIC RG146 requirements.


About LMI College

Introducing LMI College
of Insurance and Risk

LMI College of Insurance and Risk have been training insurance professionals since 2006. All our trainers have significant practical industry experience and provide learners with ongoing support and feedback. Our philosophy is to provide a quality, personalised service to the learners referred to us. We recognise that not all businesses nor all students are the same and each individual learner’s expertise and experience can vary significantly. We provide training and/or assessment that suits the specific needs of our learners.

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  • Industry Experienced Trainers
  • Grow your career security
  • Online courses
  • Professional development programs
  • Student welfare


Compliance Courses

LMI College offers two levels of compliance within  Australian Securities and Investments Commission Regulatory Guide 146 (ASIC RG146)  for financial services professionals.

Qualification courses

These courses provide learning opportunities for those new to the industry and those existing workers who wish to increase their level of knowledge and skills.

Option available to enrol into the Tier 1 Insurance Broking course designed to meet ASIC RG146 requirements.
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technical knowledge and skills

Our CPD Portal is unique as it provides both a Learner portal; and a Training Manager portal to allow training managers to manage team members, monitor CPD points, allocate or recommend courses and add or remove users.

Team training


CPD points





Webinars – LMI Group provide free webinar training for our eServices! Here are list of dates, subjects and sign-up links to each webinar. We look forward to seeing you!

Student Welfare Services – We ensure that our student’s mental health and wellbeing remain a strong foundation for an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

Risk Management Services – Identify and learn about the Risk Management and Business Continuity Management before they have the chance to strike.

LMI RiskCoach Short Courses – Continue your professional development and put your knowledge to the test with our extensive short courses!

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