Policies and Procedures

LMI College adheres to the relevant statutory regulations. The policies and procedures cover the most significant legislation and regulatory requirements that affect participation in vocational education and training. All policies have been developed in accordance with State and Federal Discrimination, Industrial Relations, Privacy, Workplace Health & Safety and Training & Employment legislation as well as the Australian Quality Training Framework standards for Registered Training Organisations.

Complaints and Appeals Policies

LMI College is committed to ensuring complaints are dealt with in a fair and equitable manner. LMI College takes any complaint seriously. We have adopted a procedure for handling complaints. These procedures apply to all dealings with employers and/or learners.

  1. LMI College should be contacted immediately with details of the complaint.
  2. If the matter is not resolved successfully over the telephone, the complaint should be made in writing detailing the nature of the complaint, the facts surrounding the complaint and any evidence to support the complaint.
  3. LMI College will investigate the incident and make a recommendation.
  4. If resolved, documentation will be filed in course records (you will be given a copy).
  5. If unresolved, a conference will be arranged and may include:
    • a representative of LMI College;
    • complainant;
    • respondent;
    • complainant’s Workplace Supervisor;
    • or other parties as appropriate;
  6. If resolved, documentation will be filed in course records.
  7. If not resolved, (or at any time the complainant chooses) matters may be referred to the relevant authorities for help.
  8. Details of any outcomes and recommendations will be supplied to you in writing.