Tier 2 General Insurance

Tier 2 General Insurance

This short course covers the knowledge and skills, required to meet ASIC RG146 Tier 2 General Insurance requirements. This course comprises nationally recognised units of competency.

The course is designed for those working in the general insurance sector or in a general insurance broking environment who provide advice on retail products.

Students who have experience working with retail products are provided the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills prior to commencement of the coursework through a gap assessment test.

Learning modules include:

  • Fundamental Compliance – Provision of Advice and Disclosure
  • Providing Advice on Private Motor Insurance
  • Providing Advice on Domestic Property Insurance
  • Dealing with a Client on Domestic Property

The assessment process for this short course will include:

  • Gap assessment test – this test determines the students current level of knowledge and allows us to determine gap training requirements and to give consideration to prior knowledge (if applicable).
  • Combination True/False, multiple choice and short answer questions.
  • Case studies.
  • Practical assessments (students unable to complete practical assessments will be provided with case studies and additional methods of assessment).
  • Trainer/Assessor or supervisor’s observation in the workplace.
FNSASIC315 Provide Tier 2 personal advice in general insurance
FNSASIC314 Provide Tier 2 general advice in general insurance